Dr. Fu-Ming Tao

Additional Info

  • Role: Professor of Chemistry
  • Phone: 657-278-4517
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Department: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Bio/Interests:


    Dr. Fu-Ming Tao has been a Professor of Theoretical/Computational Chemistry at CSUF since 1995. He earned his B.S. degree in Chemistry at the University of Science and Technology of China in 1982, M.S. in Physical Chemistry at SooChow University (China) in 1985, and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Boston College in 1991. He did his post-doctoral research at Brown University in 1991-1992, studying physical properties of real gases and liquids, and at Harvard University in 1992-1995, studying molecular structure and rotational-vibrational states of van der Waals complexes.

    His research is mainly in the area of computational chemistry, focusing on molecular properties and reaction mechanisms of atmospheric species. His current projects include (1) gas-phase reactions of oxides of nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon in the presence of ammonia and water vapor, (2) chemical mechanisms of sulfate and nitrate aerosols, (3) nucleation processes involving sulfate and organic acids.

    Since joining in CSUF, Dr. Tao has published about 100 research papers, mostly in Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics Letters. His research work is well cited (See Google Scholar Citation Indices: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=7NlvzkkAAAAJ&hl=en). He has received a total of more than $500,000 in research grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), ACS-Petroleum Research Foundation, Dreyfus Foundation, and Research Corporation. He has received numerous national and campus awards, including Henry Dreyfus Teacher/Scholar Award, CNSM Untenured Faculty Award, and CNSM Outstanding Research Award.